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Practices and Roles

Diversity of Executive Roles

At AGyL, we understand the crucial importance of each role within an organization to achieve its strategic goals. Each executive and functional position plays a fundamental role in the effective direction and operation of a company. Here is a more detailed look at some of the key roles we frequently identify and help find suitable leaders for:

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

CEO: A strategic and visionary leader who sets the overall direction of the company, making crucial decisions for growth and profitability.

They are the highest authority in management and administrative direction in a company, organization, association, or institution.

This role not only oversees planning and execution techniques to achieve objectives but also verifies if any changes are needed to reach them.

Managing Director

Managing Director: Responsible for directing and coordinating all areas of the company, ensuring the effective implementation of strategies established by top management.

They are responsible for managing and directing a company. They make strategic decisions and oversee all company activities, ensuring that objectives and goals are met.

Directors of:

Sales Directors: Responsible for developing sales strategies, establishing business relationships, and meeting the company’s revenue goals.

Marketing Directors: Responsible for designing and executing marketing strategies, identifying opportunities, and positioning the company’s brand in the market.

Finance Directors: Responsible for financial management, budget planning, and making strategic financial decisions.

Operations and Supply Chain: Responsible for efficient management of operations and supply chain to optimize production and distribution.

Human Resources: Responsible for talent management, organizational development, and workplace culture.

Legal and Regulatory Affairs: Responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance and handling legal matters for the company.

Environment and Sustainability: Responsible for implementing strategies that promote sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Government Relations: Responsible for establishing relationships and coordinating with government institutions.

Information Technology: Responsible for the management and development of information systems and technology to support company operations.

At AGyL, we collaborate with our clients to find leaders capable of assuming these roles and significantly contributing to the growth and success of their organizations.

Practices & Roles