Human Capital as an
Organizational Capacity

Embracing Evolution in the Technology Sector

The technological sphere is known for its dynamic nature and continuous evolution. At AGyL, we understand the critical need for talents that not only adapt but also lead the transformation alongside companies in this rapidly changing environment.


Information Technologies:

It’s a process that uses a combination of means and methods for collecting, processing, and transmitting data to obtain new quality information about the state of an object, process, or phenomenon. The purpose of information technology is the production of information for analysis by individuals and decision-making based on it to take action.

We collaborate with companies to identify leaders capable of managing information systems, processes, and solutions that drive efficiency and innovation in business environments


Telecommunications encompass a wide variety of services and technologies, such as fixed and mobile telephony, data transmission, internet access, television, radio, video conferencing, and computer networks. These technologies enable the transmission of voice, text, images, and data through various communication media.

In an increasingly connected world, we seek leaders who can tackle the challenges of connectivity, communications, and emerging technologies, enabling significant advancements in this vital sector.

Digital Technology:

Digital technologies are the means by which an organization can modernize its infrastructure. By doing so, a company can prepare its technological landscape for the future, updating its application environment and IT to support current and future business needs.

We are entering the digital era, seeking profiles capable of leading the digital transformation of companies by integrating emerging technologies to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

At AGyL, we are committed to identifying innovative and adaptable talents that can drive growth and competitiveness in the ever-changing technological landscape. Our goal is to be strategic partners in building teams that lead digital transformation and innovation in these fundamental areas.