Human Capital as an
Organizational Capacity

Strategic Partners

At AGyL, The Human Capital Capability, we take pride in our strategic partnerships at both national and international levels. These partnerships enable us to offer a complete range of services in competency assessment, leadership, high-performance teams, and organizational culture. Some of our key partners are:

Hogan HR Tools: We work hand in hand with Hogan HR Tools, experts in talent assessment and development, to identify and nurture exceptional skills.

Ser-Mas: Our commitment to human development is strengthened through collaboration with Ser-Mas, specialists in leadership and team performance.

HR Tools España: We value adaptability. Our alliance with HR Tools Spain allows us to offer solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Spanish market.

Talent Lab: Creativity and talent are essential. Alongside Talent Lab, we explore new ways to nurture and enhance teams’ potential.

International Partners

Our global network includes partners in the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Spain. We work closely with them to ensure solutions tailored to each market.

Why are they our partners?

Each partnership we forge is the result of a meticulous evaluation of shared values and quality standards. We seek strategic partners who embody not only excellence in their respective fields but also embrace our core principles. These partners become natural extensions of our philosophy, working hand in hand with us to deliver comprehensive solutions that reflect the quality and commitment we uphold at AGyL. Together, we form a cohesive team committed to the constant pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.

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