Human Capital as an
Organizational Capacity

Talent Mapping

What is talent mapping?

It’s a strategic approach that enables us to paint a detailed picture of the diverse talents present both within and outside your organization. It goes beyond identifying skills; it involves understanding the capabilities, aspirations, and potential of each individual in relation to the company’s future goals and needs.

At AGyL, we offer talent mapping services designed to identify and nurture unique potential within your organization. Our methodology is based on a detailed diagnosis of existing talent, allowing us to create an accurate map of your team’s skills, capabilities, and growth potential.

Our services include:

Potential Diagnosis: We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify and understand the inherent talent within your organization.

Benchmarking with Similar Organizations: We analyze and compare the talent in your company against industry standards and references to identify areas for improvement and competitive strengths.

Talent Selection: We use the gathered data to advise you on making informed decisions regarding the selection and retention of key talents.”