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Competency Modelling & Assessment

Competency Modelling

At AGyL, we are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to competency development and evaluation, utilizing cutting-edge tools such as the Hogan assessment system. Our goal is to provide your organization with a robust framework that identifies, measures, and develops the key skills and competencies necessary for success.

What is a competency model?

A competency model is a document that groups and defines the job competencies required within a company to fulfill its mission, vision, and objectives.


Within the model, the most relevant competencies that each employee or workgroup should have are conceptualized. In other words, it defines both soft skills (such as adaptability to change, initiative, communication, customer service, teamwork, etc.) and hard skills (specific skills and knowledge in a field). Examples of hard skills include engineering knowledge, commercial management, legal expertise, etc.

Competency Modelling

What elements make up a competency model?

The main elements that comprise a competency model vary according to the competencies and skills required in each company. Generally, the most commonly used competencies in this model are:

Level of commitment and responsibility, Teamwork, Time management, Project planning, Oral communication, Written communication, Use of technology and specialized software, Logical reasoning, Decision-making, Problem-solving, Leadership.

Evaluation: Boosting performance and growth

We strongly believe in the power of assessment as a fundamental tool for business growth and success. Our approach to assessment goes beyond simple measurement; it’s about generating valuable insights that drive individual and organizational performance.

Our Evaluation Philosophy:

We specialize in conducting comprehensive evaluations that allow us to understand the skills, strengths, and areas for development in both individuals and teams. We transform the gathered data into strategic insights that guide informed decisions and specific actions. Furthermore, we utilize the results of these evaluations to design personalized development plans, thereby promoting continuous and sustainable growth.